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The IADAT-acc2007 will  be focused on "Innovation, Technology and Research"  in Automatic Control  applied to Theoretical and Practical Teaching and Industry. The scope of the Conference includes, but is not limited to the following topics: 


  Actuators, Sensors and Transducers

   Intelligent Robots 

   Adaptive, Robust  and Optimal Control 

   Linear/Nonlinear Control 

   Automatic Control Research  

   Measure and Instrumentation

   Autonomous Traffic and Transport Systems 

   Modeling and Simulations

  Control Devices and Instruments

   Neural Networks 

   Control/Automation Laboratory

   PLC, Microcontrollers and Microsystems

   Control: Fundamental Theory 

   Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems

   Data Acquisition

   Process Control

   Distributed/Decentralized Control

   Real-Time Systems

   Education in Automatic Control 

   Remote Control

   Embedded Systems

   Robotics and Applications

   Environmental Monitoring and Control

   Safety, Maintenance and Protection Systems


   SCADA and Supervisión Systems 

   Fuzzy Systems 

   Servo Control

   Guidance, Navegation and Flight Control

   Software Tools 

   Human Interfaces 

   Stochastic Systems 

   Hybrid Systems

   System Identification 

   Industrial Applications

   System Integration

   Industrial Automation

   University-Industry Collaboration 

   Industrial Communication Systems

   Web-based control 

   Industrial Networks

   Wireless comunications 

   Intelligent Control Systems  

   Other Topics related

  Contribution to the below topics will be given higher priority 


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