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The annual  IADAT-aci Conference  is organized by the International Association for the Development of Advances in Technology - IADAT.  The 3rd  Intenational Conference is focused   on "Innovation, Technology and Research ". This conference will be held in Portoroz (Slovenia) from 18th to 20th July, 2007 .

Main purpose

In order to achieve IADAT main objectives, namely "to bring together Universities, Research Institution and Industry, and also to promote collaboration and foster cooperation", IADAT organizes this Conference.


The main goal of the IADAT-aci2007 Conference is  to provide an international forum  for researchers, professors, educational scientist and technologists in all areas of  Automation, Control and Instrumentation. This conference will  offer an excellent opportunity   to  present, demonstrate and discuss research, development, applications,   and  the latest  innovation and results  in Education and Industry field. 

Important Dates

    Abstract Submission Deadline 

     May 20, 2007  

    Notification of Acceptance/Rejection       June 1, 2007  
    Final Paper Submission July  5, 2007  
    Registration Deadline      July 5, 2007  
    Conference Dates    Portoroz (Slovenia), July 18-20, 2007  

Notification of  acceptance/rejection of submitted summaries will be sent via e-mail by June 1, 2007.

Submission of Summaries

The Scientific Committee  welcomes the submission of summaries to the IADAT-aci2006 Conference.  Authors are invited to submit an summary in English,  the official language of the conference, and should be a maximum of 3 A4 size pages long, including figures and diagrams.  Submissions will be made online at the Conference Web Site. 


Authors are invited to submit  original  papers  for Conference presentations on either of the  following categories: Academic Papers, Poster, Tutorial,  and Industrial Papers and Applications. 


All accepted papers will been published in the printed Proceedings Books, and each paper will be included in the conference programme and published in the Conference Proceedings on CD-ROM.

Scope & Topics

The scope of the Conference includes, but is not limited to the followings topics: 



 Motion Actuators

 Control Theory

 Electric Actuators: Linear and Rotary

 Modern and Advanced Strategies

 Fluid Power Actuators: Linear and Rotary

 Fuzzy Systems

 Sensors and Switching Theory

 Neural Networks Systems

 Electric Ladders Diagrams

 Genetic Algorithms

 Sequential Systems

 Intelligent Systems

 Grafcet Methods

 Linear  Systems

 Manipulation and Material Handling

 Non-linear Systems

 Manufacturing Processes

 Predictive Control

 Manufacturing Systems

 Adaptive and Learning Control


 Optimal Control


 Stochastic Control

 Flexible Automation

 Hybrid Systems

 Assembly/Disassembly Automation

 Robust Control

 Programmable Logic Controllers - PLC

 Distributed Control Systems

 IEC 61131-3 Standard

 Control Applications

 PC vs PLC Automation

 Parallel Systems

 Industrial Communications

 Decentralized Control

 Industrial Networks

 PID Control

 Vehicle Automation

 Modelling of Systems

 Pneumatic Control Circuits

 Process Control

 Flexible Automation Microcomputers


 Advanced Automation technology

 Industrial Control

 Software Test Automation

 Real Time Control

 Numerical Control

 Control Architectures

 Education Automation

 Control Applications

 Industrial Automation

 Control Education

 Web-Based  Automation 

 Emerging Technologies

 The future of Automation Technology, ...

 Software Applications,...

Instrumentation Technologies

Robotics Engineering Systems

 Instrumentation Fundamentals

 Modelling, analysis and simulation

 Data Acquisition

 Human-Robot Interaction

 Data Communications for Instrumentation

 Industrial Applications, 

 Virtual Instrumentation

 Robotics and Education, ...

 Instrumentations Systems 

Measurement Technologies

 Safety and Calibration of Instruments

 Electrical/Electronic/ Measurement


 Mechanical/Thermal/Radiation Measurements

 Testing and Diagnosis of Systems

 Sensors, Intelligent Instruments

 Laboratory Instrumentation, ...

 Software tools for Instruments, ...

University-Industry Collaboration

Research and Projects

 Collaborative Learning and Work

  Research on Technology in Education/Industry

 Collaboration Projects

  Research on Innovation in Education/Industry

 University-Industry Partnership  Research Methodologies
 Industry and University Relations  Academic Research Projects
 University/Industry Experiences  International Projects
 Employability, ...

 Research Directions, ...

   Contribution to the below topics will be given higher priority 

Instructions For Authors

Abstracts shall be structured according to the Formatting Guideliness for Authors available in the Author Site option. The Author_Site document contains a complete help for the Authors, which includes  the formatting guidelines for paper submission and a detailed description in order to improve the presentation of papers at the Conference.


The registration fees include:

  • Admission to all sessions

  • A printed copy of the Conference Programme

  • A printed copy of the Conference Proceedings Book

  • A CD-ROM copy of the proceedings

  • Coffee breaks

  • Conference Banquet dinner

In order to receive a copy of the Conference Proceedings,  authors are requested to personally attend the conference  and present the accepted paper or poster.

 Registration Fees

    Before June 10, 2007


    From June 10  to June 30,  2007


    From July 1 to July 5, 2007


    IADAT Members (Before January 1, 2007)


Tourism in Portoroz

IADAT-aci2007 International Conference provide  an unique opportunity to  the participants for  visiting  Portoroz and discovering  Slovenia. 

Further Information

Should you require any further information or clarification on any of the points mentioned in the Web page, please contact:

Conference Secretary



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