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Focused on "Innovation, Technology and Research applied to Theoretical and Practical Teaching"


IADAT-e2007 Conference  is organized by the International Association for the Development of Advances in Technology - IADAT. In order to achieve IADAT main objectives, namely "to bring together Universities, Research Institution and Industry, and also to promote collaboration and foster cooperation", IADAT announces its 4th Conference  on Education. This Conference will be held in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands) from 5th to 7th July, 2007, at the Pueblo Español Congress Palace Palma (Spain).

Pueblo Español Congress Palace Palma

   Palma de Mallorca

The third  International Conference on Education was held in Barcelona (SPAIN)  from 12th to 14th July, 2006, at the Catalonia Palace of Congresses (Spain).  The fact that in each of the Conferences on Education held there have always participated representatives from more than 22 countries is a clear evidence of the International Scope of the Conferences, which is continuously growing.


International Conference on Education. SPAIN, July, 2004

(The abstract papers of  the IADAT-e2004 Conference are available in PDF format).


International Conference on Education. FRANCE, July, 2005 

(The abstract papers of  the IADAT-e2005 Conference are available in PDF format).


International Conference on Education. Barcelona, July, 2006 

(The abstract papers of  the IADAT-e2006 Conference are available in PDF format).

Main purpose

The main goal of the IADAT-e2007 Conference is  to provide an international scientific forum  for  researchers,  engineers, educational scientists and technologists in all areas of  of  Higher Education. This conference will  provide an excellent opportunity   to  present, demonstrate and discuss research, development, applications, and  the latest  innovations and results  in Education.

The increasing and rapid advance of technology implies continuous changes that affect to the professionals in Education. The IADAT-e2007 Conference is a unique opportunity for the dissemination of the "state-of-the-art" and exploring  the future of  Higher Education. 

Who should Attend ?

Researchers, engineers, educational scientists and technologists of all areas of  Higher Education are invited to present results based on  innovations, research and technologies applied to both theoretical  and practical teaching in Higher Education and Industrial Applications.

Presentation Format

Authors are invited to submit  original  papers  for Conference presentations under any of the following categories: academic papers, poster presentations, research projects and  industrial applications. Submissions will be made online at the Conference web site. 

All accepted  papers shall  be  published  in  the  printed Conference Proceedings Book, each paper shall be included in the conference programme and published in the Conference Proceedings on CD-ROM.

Selected papers from IADAT-e2007 will appear in a Issue of the IADAT Journal of Advanced Technology (ISSN 1698-1073).


 Palma de Mallorca "The Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea"

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of Mallorca.  It is a busy small city, but with mountains only 20 km away, and beaches on both sides, you have many choices for your free time. 

The growth of tourism in the Balearics has been spectacular: the 500,000 visitors to the island in 1960 rose to over 6,739,700 in 1997, with 16,562,090 passengers travelling through Palma's Airport in 1997 and 143,000 by sea. 

The modern airport is handling close to 20 million passengers a year, which shows the popularity of the Island. 


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