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The IADAT-ee2007 International Conference on Engineering  Education is organized by the International Association for the Development of Advances in Technology - IADAT. This conference  will be  held as part of  IADAT-2007 International MultiConference in Computer Science and Engineering Education.


The main purpose of IADAT-ee2007 is to provide an international forum  for presentation of new trends, practical experience, and the latest innovations and advances in all areas of Engineering Education.

Who should Attend ?

Scientist, researchers, engineers, designers and  trainers  are invited to present results based on  innovations, research and technologies applied to both theoretical  and practical teaching in the field of Engineering Education.

Important Dates  

Full Paper Submission: May 20, 2007  

Authors Nitification: June 1, 2007  

Final Paper Submission: July 5, 2007  

Registration Deadline: July 5, 2007  

Conference Dates: July 18-20, 2007  

Conference Scope

The scope of the Conference includes, but is not limited to the following topics: 

● Global Issues                                                          International Mobility and Exchange of  Students

New and Emerging Technologies in Education           ● Moderating, Tutoring, Examinations and Evaluation 

Globalization and Internationalization  Issues             ● Engineering Education and Sustainability

Innovation and Good Practice                                     Competency and  Accreditation 

Learning and Teaching Methodology                          ● Computer Software in Engineering

e-Learning  Tools and Developments                          ● Computer Science in engineering

Web-based Learning                                                Electrical and Electronics Engineering Education

● Integrating e-Learning and Classroom Learning           Mechanical Engineering Education

Emerging Technologies for Virtual Education              ● Chemical Engineering Education

Curriculum Development                                           ● Copyright and Intellectual Property

Computer and Web-based Software                           Ethical Issues in Engineering Education

Virtual Environments for Education                             University-Industry Collaboration

● Dgital Classrooms                                                    Research and Innovation in Engineering Education

 Multimedia in Engineering Education                          Current and Future Trends and Directions

                                              Others Topics in Engineering Education  

Conference Venue: Metropol Congress Center

Metropol Congress Center

  Obala 77
  6320 Portorož.   Slovenija



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IADAT-ee2007 Conference