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 Tourism in Portoroz

Today Portorož is a popular place either for work or vacation and entertainment. Many comfortable hotels are witness to that, with their modern pools, varied culinary proposal of restaurants, and the events ettracting visitors from afar. Portorož is also a popular congress location. A visit to the nearby countryside, can colour your day. The coastal towns of Piran, Izola and Koper are intertwined with narrow streets, leading to picturesque squares, encircled with mighty palaces. From the villages in hinterland, magnificent views of Istria open up, during spells of nice weather even Alps can be admired. Close by Karst offers different possibilities: visit to subterranean caves or to stud farm Lipica, home of famous Lipizzaner horses, the horses of the former Austrian Imperial Court.

Excursions and trips from Portoroz

 Adriatic, Istria and Karst, treasuries of natural and cultural heritage


The old seaport of Piran lies at the end of the Piran peninsula, which gradually narrows between the bays of Strunjan and Piran. The peninsula reaches Cape Madona, ending with the Šavrini hills.
The meaning of the name Piran: elder scientists support the supposition that the origin could derive from the Celtic word bior-dun, supposed to mean a settlement on the hill, while younger generation advocates the explanation of the Greek word pyr – fire, as the original settlement was primarily used as a lighthouse for vessels sailing to nearby Greek colony Aegida on the site of today town Koper.
The town has preserved the medieval layout with narrow streets and compact houses, which rise in steps from the coastal lowland into the hills and give the whole area a typical Mediterranean look. 


 On the threshold of the Mediterranean

A lively tourist town on the Slovenian coast invites you. Special architecture of the ancient town core demonstrates a rich history of a town which was once an island. Fishing tradition is still present in Izola’s modern tourist offer and culinary specifics. Take a walk on one of the numerous walkways and experience Izola’s countryside.



Situated at a latitude of 45o 32,5' North and at longitude 13 o 45,5' East, with a characteristic Mediterranean climate partly influenced by the continental interior. This is Koper with its mild winters and warm and dry summers. Is there anything more pleasant than standing on the seaside, embraced by a soft north-west breeze, admiring the scarlet sky on a day when the scirocco blows or watching the sea in its wild dance of waves stirred by the northern wild?


Between Piran and Strunjan, surrounded by undulating hills, is situated a cosy small bay called Fiesa. Fiesa is interesting by its two fresh water lakes near the seafront, the smaller natural and larger artificial by origin. The larger lake originates from excessive clay digging necessary for brick production. The lakes are protected, as they are important for preservation of flora and fauna of this area. In last few years the bay has turned into a real holiday vacation settlement together with hotels, camping, vacation homes and villas. Along the shore line there is a path that leads in a few minutes to Piran.


The settlement stretching along the Slovenian Coast between Izola and Piran was formed in the valley of river Roja, encompassing the salt pans and on the nearby hills. This part of the coast was proclaimed a nature reserve in the year 1990. It occupies 160 hectares of land area. Beside the four kilometres of coast, which is unique on the whole of the Adriatic Sea, the typical flora and fauna of this region is worth mentioning. The estuary part of the river Roja was turned into salt pans already in the middle ages. Today, alas, only a tiny fraction of these, is still active. In the direct vicinity to the salt pans, a kind of a lagoon Stjuža, is encountered, once purportedly very rich with fish.

Excursions and Trips from Portoroz

 Adriatic, Istria and Karst, treasuries of natural and cultural heritage


 Tourism Web Site 

  Portorz Tourism http://www.portoroz.si/
  Slovenia Tourism http://www.slovenia.info


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