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Focused on "Innovation, Technology and Research" in Electrical and Electronics Engineering


The IADAT-elec2007 Conference  is organized by the International Association for the Development of Advances in Technology - IADAT. This conference  will take place in conjuction with the IADAT-ac2007 International Conference on Automatic Control  and IADAT-mn2007 International Conference on Micro and Nanotechnology.  All these events will be held simultaneously in Sicily (ITALY) from September 27th to September 29th, 2007; at the Sheraton Conference Center (Catania).

The main purpose of the Conference is to provide an international scientific forum for presentation of new trends,  practical experience, and the latest innovations and advances in the field of  Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The IADAT-elec2007 Conference will be focused on "Innovation, Technology and Research" applied to Theoretical and Practical Teaching and Industry. 

Mount Etna

 Sheraton Conference Center


The fact that in each one of the IADAT Conferences  held there have always participated representatives from more than 22 countries is a clear evidence of the International Scope of the Conferences, which is continuously growing.

Main purpose

The main goal of the IADAT-elec2007 Conference is to provide an international forum  for researchers, engineers and electrical and electronic specialists from universities as well as industry to exchange  ideas, practical experience and  the latest  innovations and results  in all areas of of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

The increasing and rapid advance of technology implies continuous changes in the  fields of Power Engineering and Environmental Engineering, that affect to the professionals in Educational and Industry

The IADAT-elec2007 Conference is a unique opportunity for the dissemination of the "state-of-the-art" and exploring  the future of  the Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Who should Attend ?

Researchers, engineers, technologists and practitioners from universities, research institutions,  industry and government interested in current developments in Electrical and Electronic Systems are invited to present results based on  innovations, research and technologies applied to both theoretical  and practical teaching in Higher Education and Industry.

Presentation Format

Authors are invited to submit  original  papers  for Conference presentations under any of the following categories: academic papers, poster presentations, research projects and  industrial applications. Submissions will be made online at the Conference web site. 

Papers submitted to this conference will be peer evaluated by at least two reviewers. All accepted  papers shall  be  published  in  the  printed Conference Proceedings Book, each paper shall be included in the conference program and published in the Conference Proceedings on CD-ROM.

Selected papers from IADAT-elec2007 will appear in an Issue of the IADAT Journal of Advanced Technology (ISSN 1698-1073).


Catania - Sicily 

"Sicily - An Island of history, culture and nature"

The IADAT-elec2007 International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering will be held  in  Catania (Sicily, ITALY) from September 27th to Septembre 29th ,2007; at the Sheraton Conference Center

"300 days of sunshine and beautiful weather a year"

Catania lies in the shadow of Etna and besides the force of the volcano, the city has witnessed the passing of Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Angevins, Aragonese, Bourbons and more.  Its natural location is equally varied, between the perfumed citrus fields and the sparkling Mediterranean.  Splendid late Baroque streets have produced writers and musicians like Verga and Bellini.  Taormina, Acireale and the Valley of Temples are only a short drive away.  Sicily’s second city – an island of sunshine and silence, contradictions and inscrutable gestures.  Fascinatingly different.

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