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The IADAT-mn2007 Conference  is organized by the International Association for the Development of Advances in Technology - IADAT. This conference  will take place in conjuction with the IADAT-elec2007 International Conference on Electric and Electronics Ingeneering  and IADAT-ac2007 International Conference on Automatic Control. These events will be held simultaneously in Sicily (ITALY) from September 27th to September 29th, 2007; at the Sheraton Conference Center (Catania).

The official language of the IADAT-mn2007 International Conference shall be the English language, and all papers submitted must be  original papers.

Guidelines for Paper Abstracts

Authors are invited to submit a summary or extended paper abstract to the scientific committee.  The maximum length of the summary or extended abstract should be 3, A4 size pages long, including figures and diagrams. Submissions will be made online at the Conference Web Site 

                   Abstract Submission Deadline  :      June 30, 2007

                   Notice of acceptance/rejection:      July 20, 2007 

The Scientific Committee will begin the abstract review process as soon as the  submission has been  received. Authors shall be served notice in writing of the  acceptance/rejection of the abstract before July 20,2007.

All abstracts must be submitted in  Microsoft Word(.DOC) or Adobe Acrobat(.PDF) file formats. 

MS-Word file Template (.DOC) Acrobat file Template (.PDF)

During the submission process, authors will receive an identification code for each abstract submitted. After submission,  a confirmation e-mail  will be sent to the author,  with a summary of  the  result of the submission. Authors are required to use the identification code in all future correspondence regarding the paper abstract in question.

Guidelines for Final Papers

Final Paper Submission

Authors shall be informed by the Scientific Committee about whether the paper abstract has been accepted as a communication or  as a poster presentation. The author will be required to submit a final paper that complies with the recommendations of the Scientific Committee. 

                   Final Paper Submission:  September 10, 2007

                   Registration Deadline:     September 10, 2007 

After  blind review, one or more of the authors should present the accepted paper at the Conference.  Maximum paper length is 5 printed pages. All final papers must be submitted in  Microsoft Word(.DOC) or Adobe ACrobat(.PDF) file formats. 

MS-Word file Template (.DOC) Acrobat file Template (.PDF)


The identification code and e-mail will be necessary to submit the final paper on-line.  


Authors  should download the Word file template or PDF file template and modify it. It ensures a correctly formatted paper before final publication.

Each paper abstract will be published in the printed Proceedings of Abstracts and each final paper will be included in the Conference programme and published in the Conference Proceedings on CD-ROM

Selected papers from IADAT-mn2007 will appear in an Issue of the IADAT Journal of Advanced Technology (ISSN 1698-1073). 


  • Authors  should upload their presentations to the PC of the Conference prior to the session. 

  • Sessions : 90  minutes.

  • Presentation time: 15 minutes

  • Paper length : 5 pages maximum.

  • Equipment : PC, Data Projector, 

  • Software: MS  PowerPoint

    IADAT Conference

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

Poster sessions will provide an opportunity for  the authors to display the results and conclusions of the presented paper. Poster sessions offer an opportunity for face to face presentations to individuals and small groups.

Posters will be exhibited on boards (size 90 cm x 150 cm portrait).  Each poster will have a page abstract attached. 

The following supplies  will be provided to the presenters:

  • Board (dimension : 90 cm x 150 cm)

  • Equipment : easel,  push pins, table, chairs, ...

The maximum presentation time shall be 90  minutes and the posters shall be installed prior to session

IADAT Conference Poster Session

Authors must stay and attend throughout  their poster presentations.


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