IADAT Journal of Advanced Technology

This official journal of IADAT serves as a forum for the exchange of knowledge on the use of  advanced  technology  in  the  field  of  Education, Telecommunications, Automation and Control, Digital Image Processing, Energy, Power Systems,and  Real Time and Embedded Systems. The journal is structured into the following sections:

  • Research Papers

  • Techologic Applications

  • Experimental Sudies

  • Experiences

  • Opinions 

  • etc.


ISSN 1698-1073

 The official IADAT  Journal shall be published quarterly. A annual subscription to  the IADAT Journal is included with Site Membership.


The IADAT Journal of Advanced Technology  will focus on "Innovation, Technology and Research in Education". The scope of the Journal includes, but is not limited to the  topics of the Conference: 

 Important Dates








IADAT Journal of Advanced Technology on Education

     Finished     Finished    February  2005

IADAT Journal of Advanced Technology on Telecommunications and Computer Networks

     March 31,2005


July, 2005

IADAT Journal of Advanced Technology on Automation, Control and Instrumentation

May 31, 2005 June-July September,2005

IADAT Journal of Advanced Technology on Digital Image Processing

June 30, 2005 July-September November, 2005

IADAT Journal of Advanced Technology on Energy and Power Systems

December 31, 2005 January-February April, 2006

IADAT Journal of Advanced Technology on Real Time and Embedded Systems

March 1, 2006 February-March May, 2005

 Paper Structure

Authors  should download the Word  template and modify it. It ensures a correctly formatted paper before final publication.

MS-Word  Template (.DOC)

All papers should be structured in the following order:

  1. Title

  2. Authors and Authors Affiliations

  3. Abstract

  4. Introduction

  5. Description/ Method

  6. Results 

  7. Discussion/Conclusions

  8. Acknowledgements

  9. References

  10. Author Biographies

Page Layout

  • A4 Size

  • Double Column

  • Times New Roman

  • 3 pages maximum

  • Margins:

    • Top and bottom : 2.5 cm

    • Left and right: 2.0 cm

    • Column width: 8.10 cm.

    • Column spacing: 0.8 cm.

  • Text:

    • Paper Title: Times New Roman 12-point,  capitals and bold

    • Sections: Times New Roman 10-point,  capitals and bold

    • Subsections: Times New Roman 10-point,  bold, left align with initial letters capitalized

    • Subsubsections: Times New Roman 10-point,  italic, left align with initial letters capitalized

    • Main text : Times New Roman 10-point, normal.

Submission Process

Please, take  the time to review your paper carefully before you send it by e-mail  to:



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